During the initial Covid-19 lockdown, leaders and their teams adapted in extraordinary ways to the changes it brought. Theoretical conversations about the future of work were made redundant as we were catapulted into new ways of working and leading.


What have we learned as individuals and as a team from the lockdown and what will we take forward?


What are the new priorities of the team?


What are our new ways of working and how will we engage with each other?

Let HPC and its experienced coaches work with you and your teams to accelerate their impact. Our R3boot Team Accelerator process will ensure that your teams emerge from ongoing lockdowns, refocused, re-energised and recommitted to the team and organisational purpose. Based on the latest research and our insights from working with teams across Ireland, Europe and the US, HPC’s R3boot Team Accelerator process will support your team to:


  • Absorb the learning from Covid 19 including new team and leadership practices;
  • Develop new ways of working and decision making;
  • Recalibrate new ways of working that will be required;
  • Redefine the purpose of the team in this phase;
  • Remain agile so that they can respond to constantly changing circumstances.

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