Our brand is built on people. Every member of our team adds their own unique value to create a profound and positive impact on the clients they work with.

To grow ourteam, we need to engage with like-minded people who share our values, emulate our energy and expand our experience. We're looking for new team members in the UK and Ireland, as well as growing ourinternational network of facilitators, coaches and consultants.

Do you have the experience, knowledge and energy to add value and make a difference in the world of L&D? Do you thrive on working with organisations to help their people personally develop, harness change and drive impact? Would you like to be part of a collaborative team that works across a diverse range of industries and global markets?

If so, we'd love to talk to you.

A Culture of
Continuous Learning

In the same way as we encourage clients to do so, we have built a strong culture of continuous learning for ourfacilitators and coaches within HPC-through a structured development process for new members ofthe team as well as regular HPCinternal learning events throughoutthe year.

We thrive on a creative environment where we harness our collective knowledge and learn from each other on an ongoing basis. In an informal way, we learn from each otherthrough the ongoing design and delivery work we do for clients. We work together closely to constantly evaluate the way we do things and deliver value for clients. We also regularly share new approaches, industry knowledge and emerging trends and technologies to support our clients' learning journeys.

The Power of our Team

Atthe heart of our business is a powerfulteam oftransformational thinkers and relationship builders who empower people to embrace behavioural change.

The impact of our work

Our core focus is to deliver sustained behavioural change that impacts the actions of individuals, the dynamics of teams and the purpose of organisations.

At HPC, we pride ourselves on creating lasting partnerships with our clients that are built on business impact and results.

“HPC is working with ESB to assess the added value of our Leadership Development programmes in terms of our company’s competitive advantage, a focus which is becoming increasingly important and relevant.”

Tom McMahon, ESB

We help L&D teams create learning strategies that are aligned to their business strategy by identifying and developing the capabilities needed to achieve success.

We develop flexible, creative and engaging learning solutions that drive behavioural change. We work with individuals and teams within organisations to enable the highest levels of performance and results, collectively and consistently.

Client Impact

We’re committed to creating an impact and capturing its worth. We use a number of evaluation tools to understand initial outputs and results; but on a deeper level, we work with your data to measure long-term impact and craft a deeper narrative of the value of organisational change.

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