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Kevin Hannigan

Kevin brings extensive strategic L&D experience to his Client Director role at HPC; partnering with clients to develop, deliver and evaluate bespoke solutions that drive performance. He works collaboratively with clients to understand the dynamics of their business, their long-term organisational outlook and the skills that will drive their commercial success.


He passionate about the strategic role that learning can play in organisations. He is a trusted partner to L&D leaders as they plan and execute their L&D and talent strategies and offers advice on their ever-evolving approach to people development.


Kevin has developed HPC’s evidence-based approach to measuring the business value of our clients’ learning solutions. He brings an analytical and insightful perspective to the way we demonstrate L&D’s impact across organisations through data and storytelling. He works collaboratively with L&D leaders to shape a strategic narrative that communicates the value of learning across their organisation.




Before joining HPC in 2013, Kevin was Head of L&D for Matheson, Ireland’s largest law firm and for C&C Ireland. As well as designing and delivering programmes at Matheson, Kevin’s primary role was the development of a pipeline of future talent to drive the future success of the organisation. His work in-house was recognised with four L&DI Training Awards including the overall award in 2011.


Since joining HPC, his work has been recognised at the L&DI Training Awards, the Training Journal Awards and the LPI Learning Awards.


As well as his client work with HPC, Kevin delivers programmes for the Learning & Development Institute (L&DI) and is a visiting lecturer with UCC. He is regarded as one of the leading thinkers in the field of learning evaluation and lectures extensively on the topic.


He is also passionate about supporting the development of a vibrant and influential learning community in Ireland. He has been a Council member of the Irish Institute of Training & Development (now the L&DI) since 2012 and served as President from 2018-2022.


Bachelor’s degree in Civil Law and first-class Master’s degree in Business Studies, both from University College Dublin; Accredited with the British Psychological Society; Accredited Insights Discovery Practitioner; Fellow of the Learning & Development Institute.



“I am passionate about developing the systems and infrastructure that support people development. I believe that skills transfer can only be truly effective when the organisational conditions support the growth and development of new skills and challenge individuals to deliver their best on a continuous basis.”

We think differently

We push the boundaries for our clients by challenging mindsets and offering new ways of thinking. We’ll expand your thinking and offer a practical, pragmatic and honest approach to the design phase. We do this with one purpose in mind; to achieve measurable and lasting results.

Our Solutions

Enabling leaders to develop an authentic leadership style, which inspires and motivates.

Building individual manager self-confidence and an ability to manage a team.

High-impact programmes that accelerate graduate development and build long-term career paths.

Developing the next generation of leaders as they make the transition to a more senior role.

Shorter programmes designed to meet specific individual and team needs across organisations.

An experienced panel of accredited coaches who support the development of individual performance.

Enabling the true power of senior teams through to achieve collective performance and growth.

Our adaptive approach to tailoring and delivering any of our solutions in the virtual world.

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