In complex, challenging and changing environments, we work with our clients to help them adapt through blended learning approaches that support and strengthen their organisational culture.

Throughout the Covid pandemic our core focus has been on the individual needs of each of our clients. As each client’s individual outlook, needs and priorities differed during Covid-19, our focus of engagement was on instilling confidence, adapting content and leveraging our digital tools.

Virtual was always part of our world

We have been delivering virtual solutions for our clients for a number of years. Using our bespoke online learning platform, Promote, and tools such as Zoom, Skype and Webex, we have been providing high-impact, interactive virtual learning experiences to individuals and teams. Since the onset of Covid-19, this capability has become even more important to our clients.

Instilling confidence in a virtual world

For some of our clients, shifting to a fully virtual environment was a significant challenge. We supported them to ensure their programmes could be delivered effectively and to optimise their learning through the crisis. We partnered with them to take the uncertainty out of the process and to help them adapt quickly to their temporary new world of learning. For other clients, virtual learning was already embedded in their culture. They relied on us to integrate our solutions and approach with their platforms.

Adapting content to the current climate

We’ve listened to our clients to understand the abrupt and disruptive shifts that they have experienced. We’ve used our own insights and knowledge to address the resulting business consequences and responded with adapted programme content that is relevant to current circumstances. By collaborating with our clients, we have identified these changing needs and successfully integrated them into our design approach.

Enhancing learning transfer

For a number of years, HPC has been leveraging digital tools to enhance the development experience for learners so they can deliver real impact for their organisations. Our digital learning platform, Promote, has integrated seamlessly with virtual delivery to enhance our clients’ learning experience. Clients who have taken this approach have benefitted from a tool that increases learning transfer through curated content and transfer activities. It has also been welcomed as a collaborative networking platform, fostering a real sense of engagement among
remote teams.

Client Focus

While delivery platforms and technology are important, they are just part of the process. Of equal concern to clients is maintaining quality and evolving the suitability of the learning content to current needs. We have worked with our clients in the same collaborative way that we always do to achieve this.

When the urgent part of the crisis was being navigated, we helped individuals and teams to adapt and embrace new ways of working and thinking. As clients consider the changes they face, we’re also helping them consider what they have learned so they can reflect this in their longer-term plans.

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R3BOOT Team Accelerator

Over the past two months, HR and L&D leaders have been playing a critical role in keeping the workforce engaged, productive and resilient. As we emerge from lockdown, we need to adjust our priorities.

Now more than ever, the power of your people is what matters most. Let HPC and its experienced coaches work with you and your teams to bridge the gap between crisis management and the next normal.

We develop flexible, creative and engaging learning solutions that drive behavioural change. We have the capability to tailor and deliver any of our solutions virtually - individual coaching, team coaching, bespoke webinars or facilitated team programmes.

Our method of delivery to the virtual world may have adapted to suit current challenges, but our powerful approach to design, learning transfer and behavioural change are still at the heart of what we do.

Lockdown Learning

HPC’s Head of Research, Justin Kinnear explores what the pandemic experience has taught HPC internally as a team – and the energy and ideas that have been harnessed for our clients and our own team’s development.

Our R3boot Team Accelerator process will ensure that your teams emerge from the lockdown, refocused, re-energised and recommitted to the team and organisational purpose.

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In this pandemic, the importance of attention management supersedes time management. The more you become aware of what is stealing your attention, the easier it is to take control. Here’s what leaders are doing to redirect their attention.

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Our Recent Virtual Workshops

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