For the past 40 years, Dr. Robert Brinkerhoff has been recognised internationally as one of the leading authorities on learning effectiveness and the evaluation of learning impact. Creator of the Success Case Method, his work has shifted the conversation away from the purely descriptive data of Phillips and Kirkpatrick towards a more rounded view of understanding impact.


Robert Brinkerhoff’s latest work, in partnership with Promote International, is designed to provide L&D practitioners with a framework to build programmes that deliver impact. Based on his research over the past 40 years, High Performance Learning Journeys (HPLJ’s) have been designed with learning professionals in mind. Their aim is to transform training interventions from events into rich journeys that deliver desired performance, tangible results and measurable business impact. A process or ‘learning journey’ approach combines formal training with participants’ working reality and shifts the focus from “gaining knowledge” to performance.



hpc has been partnering with Promote International for the past two years, utilising their online learning transfer platform. hpc’s Kevin Hannigan explains why the Promote Learning Transfer platform is a key element of their offering:

“We partner with Promote and leverage their platform to enhance the impact of our programmes. Increasingly, we are working with our clients to broaden the scope of our programmes beyond the learning environment and to include a real emphasis on the performance environment. The platform enables us to track the application of learning to real life situations and integrates concepts and practice along with social learning and coach feedback.”


The certified programme is gaining ground in assisting L&D professionals to reshape traditional training events into more beneficial learning journeys that are more measurable and impactful.


Last year, Fergal O’Connor and Hilary Anderson of hpc travelled to Stockholm to undertake the HPLJ certification with Robert Brinkerhoff and the Promote International team. This HPLJ programme is designed to assist L&D professionals reshape traditional training events into more beneficial learning journeys that are measurable and impactful. While the Promote platform complements the HPLJ approach, the HPLJ approach is sufficiently robust to use on any programme without a digital platform.



Since his accreditation in Stockholm, hpc’s Fergal O’Connor observes the impact of the HPLJ approach on clients:

“The HPLJ approach is strengthening hpc’s existing ethos of developing solutions that are aligned to a central business need and instilling organisational and personal responsibility to keep the transfer of learning alive.”


“We’ve applied it to our existing design and delivery standards and clients are benefitting from the behavioural change that occurs when learning is applied to real life ‘moments that matter’ across participant roles.”


Mark Gussetti of Promote International adds,


“hpc’s Fergal O’Connor and Hilary Anderson are the first and currently the only Irish based professionals who have received the accolade of being HPLJ certified.”


hpc’s work of combining the latest research and insights, along with a powerful process to apply the learning in a performance environment, is increasing the impact our clients are having on their business.

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