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John R. Hughes

John is a member of HPC’s Executive Coaching Panel. He is a highly experienced and respected Executive Coach and facilitator who works with senior executives and teams to maximise their potential to deliver enhanced performance and results.


He has a wealth of experience in executive coaching, leadership development and management consulting and has worked with business leaders, C-suite and high potential talent to help them achieve positive behavioural change.


His experience includes working with entrepreneurs and with voluntary organisations as well as mainstream corporate clients. He is a clear communicator and well versed in what works in the field of leadership – specifically soft power, influence and communication. He works with leaders on the importance of creating exciting goals and bold ambitions and balancing these with personal growth and ambition. He also has experience of supporting innovation and has created and run many large-scale events.




John is a professional coach with over 25 years’ experience working with leaders in professional services, science and engineering and start-ups. Prior to his coaching work, he held many Organisational Development roles at PwC, designing and leading programmes across EMEA.


He is a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art’s ‘Centre for Entrepreneurship’, working with staff, students and alumni to transform compelling ideas into successful start-up businesses. He has founded two businesses and works with a wide network of professionals in client organisations to align and build leadership capability to solve complex problems, meet industry challenges and innovate business processes.


Natural Sciences (BA Hons) – Cambridge

Management (MSc Distinction) – Bath

ICF PCC Coach*

Professional memberships of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the BPS Consciousness Group.

* Formal registration and exam pending.


I believe in the value of coaching to focus on what matters, and that the time between coaching sessions can be very useful to test out new behaviours and mindsets through real world assignments co-created with my clients.

We think differently

We push the boundaries for our clients by challenging mindsets and offering new ways of thinking. We’ll expand your thinking and offer a practical, pragmatic and honest approach to the design phase. We do this with one purpose in mind; to achieve measurable and lasting results.

Our Solutions

Enabling leaders to develop an authentic leadership style, which inspires and motivates.

Building individual manager self-confidence and an ability to manage a team.

High-impact programmes that accelerate graduate development and build long-term career paths.

Developing the next generation of leaders as they make the transition to a more senior role.

Shorter programmes designed to meet specific individual and team needs across organisations.

An experienced panel of accredited coaches who support the development of individual performance.

Enabling the true power of senior teams through to achieve collective performance and growth.

Our adaptive approach to tailoring and delivering any of our solutions in the virtual world.

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