A message from David Storrs


As we all start to get over the shock of recent weeks and start to look forward, I thought it would help to share where we are in HPC and the direction we are moving.


Our highest priority is to support our colleagues as they seek ways to support their family and friends who are particularly vulnerable to Covid-19 and the impact of isolation. And our thoughts and support are with all of you, our clients and partners, as you deal with the same practical and emotional challenges.


Along with this we are taking every step possible to help the national effort to minimise the spread of the virus. We are strictly applying the guidance from government on recommended protocols.


Our headquarters in Belfast is working with reduced staff with everybody else working remotely. Our facilitators, coaches and client team are available to you, so please contact them in the same way that you normally would.


We are a resilient bunch at HPC and we have a fantastic team of committed professionals with the skill-set that is required in times of need to support and guide our clients. That time is now.


Many of you will know us for the high-quality blended learning experiences we provide. We were pioneers in blended learning and we have been using virtual delivery in many of our bespoke programmes for several years now. So, we are very comfortable and confident in our ability to switch to “full virtual” delivery.


This week several clients have instructed us to move to “full virtual” delivery for forthcoming programmes. Over the next few weeks, it is highly likely we will be switching to virtual delivery for all of our workshops.


We will also be supporting our clients with tools to manage remotely, manage virtual meetings effectively and develop greater resilience. If you wish to speak with either me or Kevin about enabling your programmes virtually, please contact us.*


All our 1:1 Coaching Sessions have been switched to on-line. We can provide immediate coaching support to Leaders to help them rise to the immediate and impending challenges they face.

HPC has been built by a community of passionate people – our team and our clients – and it’s so important to remember that a community is a social unit and not a gathering. We remain unified with you even in our distance and we are available to work with you through this unprecedented challenge.


We are also part of a wider community and we will continue to follow government guidelines and do everything we can to extend care, consideration and kindness, so all can remain as safe and healthy as possible.


Remember that we are all only an email, phone call or video call away from each other. We know we will get through this and we are committed to supporting you get through it too. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones.



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