HPC's Blended Learning Report examines and provides insights into how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected Learning and Development Teams and the work they do.


On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, marking the official start of a period of significant distress and disruption. More than 20 months later, we’re still feeling the effects, albeit it with the comfort of a vaccine. From a business point of view, it’s clear that many organisations will not revert to exactly the way it was before. Hybrid working policies, physical office space and the role of technology will all play a role in the future of work.


The pandemic presented enormous challenges for individuals and teams in general, who tried to adapt to a ‘working from home’ culture. It has also dramatically shifted the way we learn. Within the world of learning and development, professionals adapted their practices in response to the pandemic and pivoted to virtual for all learning requirements. This challenging period has also unleashed energy and creativity, and we have seen L&D leaders use this opportunity to evaluate new tools, transform the perspective of learners and prepare for a future of blended learning.

The HPC Blended Learning Report

Our research examines the experiences of senior L&D practitioners, who had to step up to the challenge of virtual delivery, embracing it with positivity and delivering best in class solutions. Our report provides an understanding of:


  • How the pandemic impacted the tools utilised by L&D teams
  • Whether the pandemic had altered their strategy
  • The experience of using virtual tools as a delivery method
  • The potential blend of learning tools post-pandemic
  • The potential future demands on L&D teams as we emerge from the pandemic

Five Key Themes

Analysing the survey required us to examine more than 1200 data points and use these to draw our conclusions. When considering the data, five key themes emerged and we have examined each of these in more depth within the report.



Looking forward

As we enter a new phase of hybrid working, L&D professionals have openly discussed their need to maintain and build upon the positive impression they have had on their business. They want to take advantage of what they have learned and avoid rebuilding the past.

HPC is working in tandem with L&D professionals to strategically align solutions to business needs and incorporate the right blend of learning methods. In this way, we hope to take the positives of the pandemic with the opportunities that lie ahead in the world of hybrid work.

The way we plan and deliver L&D in the future depends on the level of behavioural change expected. The nature of the solution will dictate the level to which we use virtual, face-to-face or a blend of both.

L&D Director // HPC Blended Learning Survey

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