HPC has created a culture in which creative and innovative minds meet; where our people add their own unique value to our team and create a profound and positive impact on the clients they work with.

Due to the continued growth of our business, we are delighted to introduce you to the new faces of our ever-expanding team. Across all business functions, we have made a number of new appointments who are all having an impact on the work we do at HPC.



Facilitator & Coaching Team


Every member of our facilitator and coaching team shares our ethos of delivering insightful, adaptable and progressive solutions in partnership with our clients. Paramount to their role is a client centric mindset, an ability to engage effectively in different industry sectors and a deep understanding of how ever-changing business needs impact how HPC can add value at a strategic level.


We’re delighted to welcome Barry O’Sullivan back to HPC. Previously a member of our core Executive Coaching Team, Barry returns with a strong focus on individual coaching as well as adding further value to the area of team coaching.


Bob Lee joins our Design and Facilitation Team with many years of experience in the corporate world of executive leadership as well as being the founder of ‘Great Place to Work’ Ireland.


Chris Rogerson joins HPC as a facilitator and executive coach. He brings a wealth of knowledge of L&D internally from the corporate side of business as well as delivering external consultative solutions in a wide range of industries.


John Hill’s experience lies at the heart of business development, entrepreneurship and CEO level roles. His natural transition into coaching and facilitation for the last 10 years adds value to his role within leadership development at HPC.


Barry, Bob, Chris and John join our wider team who all have unquestionable experience, wisdom and insights into the corporate world. Every member of our highly experienced design, delivery and coaching team has a strong operational business background that creates a cultural fit with our clients. Combining this with their natural instinct and ability to create positive behavioural change for people and organisations, is an extremely powerful proposition.


Brand, Marketing & Internal Projects


Katrina Dowling joins HPC and takes the lead on brand and marketing. Her knowledge from the brand agency world will stand us in good stead as we plan for new developments and strategic changes in the near future.


Jayne Mulhall supports many of the important internal projects that are of practical and strategic importance to HPC – from marketing and digital media to our approach to evaluation and communicating key findings to clients.


Client Focus


A core focus of our customer’s experience rests with our internal team of project and administrative coordinators. Programme planning, general logistics and relationship building are at the heart of our internal team,
plus much more.


Melissa Murray joins our Client Project Coordinator Team, the operational engine in HPC that surrounds the delivery of client programmes. They pride themselves on their commitment to the flawless execution of programmes and deliverables, as well as feedback and evaluation.


Laura Ead provides administrative support to client facing teams to ensure the delivery of an engaging client experience. Her attention to detail and focus on quality control are vital to her role of coordinating all the programme materials that accompany our facilitative work.


People are at the heart of what we do at HPC and every new appointment made adds more depth and experience to the existing strength of our team. Whatever your interaction with HPC, our new team members will look forward to engaging with you.

Ready to discuss how a partnership with HPC can advance your business?